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About us
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About us

 While paying attention to improving the technical level and expanding the scale of production, the company also pays great attention to the cultivation of talents and the improvement of the management system. It regularly invites Japanese experts with experienced experience and technology to personally guide and focus on precision molds, parts and machine tools. Manufacturing of high-precision non-standard mold parts.
The company adheres to the business philosophy of “Quality is the foundation of enterprise survival” and strives for excellence in product quality. The mold materials are imported materials such as Datong, Hitachi, Sweden and Germany. Material properties are stable. The heat treatment is provided by the raw material manufacturer directly or by the professional heat treatment manufacturer designated by the raw material manufacturer. With stable professional technical team, high-quality service system and excellent management concept, the company provides customers with high-quality products with high precision, long service life, good toughness and strong wear resistance.
We adhere to the quality of survival, reputation and development, in the principle of cooperation, mutual assistance, win-win, and service, we are willing to cooperate sincerely with friends from all walks of life to create a better tomorrow for the mold industry with better service!

Operating project                    
◆ Plastic forming molds and parts processing.
◆ Stamping die and parts processing.
◆ Mechanical parts and fixture processing.

Business philosophy                    
◆ Meeting our customers' needs and requirements is our job and our company's business policy.            

Quality policy
Club advantage
◆ All-round processing - Plane and forming grinding, discharge, wire cutting, milling machine processing...
◆ Imported Japanese advanced equipment such as Mitsubishi, Sodick, mitutoyo...
◆ Use advanced software such as UG, Pro-E, AutoCAD
◆ Use Japanese Datong, Hitachi and other Swedish ASSAB materials to ensure quality and reliability
◆ Process electrodes with high precision machine to achieve discharge dimensional accuracy and finish
◆ Comprehensive quality control, quality concept of all employees, increase customer trust