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Dongguan mold parts enterprise unity is power

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Under the financial crisis in 2008, Dongguan mold parts enterprises continued to transform and upgrade to open a breakthrough
Under the financial crisis in 2008, Dongguan mold parts enterprises continued to transform and upgrade to open a breakthrough, and the development situation was gratifying, especially in the mold parts industry in Chang'an and Hengli. Under the general environment of international and domestic mold parts industry development, Dongguan parts mold industry must form a regional strategic alliance.
1. Establish a coordination body. Leaded by government departments, industry associations actively participate in organizing a mold industry coordination committee. The task is to formulate the charter of the committee; carry out investigation and research; formulate medium and long-term development plans for the mold industry; formulate relevant countermeasures; and coordinate various matters.
2. Build a cooperation platform. According to the current needs of the development of the mold industry in the east and west of Dongguan, we must first build a mold technology research and development platform, mold design platform, mold standard parts application platform, mold manufacturing cooperation platform, mold information service platform, mold management platform, mold talent training platform. Wait for seven platforms. Each platform has a different committee of the mold industry association responsible for implementation and implementation. At present, the Yangtze River Delta Mould City and Kunshan International Mould City, which are at the forefront, have taken the lead in building such a cooperation platform.
3. Establish a strategic alliance. Some mold companies in Shanghai, based on the demand of products, centered on a strong mold company, gathered some cooperation factories around them, and established a strategic alliance or tactical combination, which not only greatly reduced the cost of mold manufacturing, but also shortened the mold production cycle. . To achieve a win-win situation, the Dongguan mold industry must establish a strategic alliance, starting with the IT electronics industry mold, and set up a regional strategic alliance.
4. Strengthen technical discussions. Foreign advanced technology, we must introduce, to introduce, but can not be arrogant, our mold has a profound technical foundation and long-term accumulated valuable experience, we must love and explore these experiences. At the same time, it is necessary to break the barriers of self-enclosure in strategic alliances, and conduct technical discussions from time to time to achieve comprehensive application, independent innovation, and common improvement.
5. Standardize the standard of molding. So far, there is no advanced unified design, manufacturing, and acceptance standards for various molds in China. All localities and enterprises have their own standards. For example, the acceptance criteria for private and foreign-funded molds in our city are different, so the requirements for molds are different. In order to export, some existing mold companies are manufacturing molds according to the mold standards of the importing countries.
6. Develop online collaboration. Foreign countries have used virtual technology for virtual design, manufacturing, debugging, etc., and even developed into virtual enterprises. We can implement networked operations within or between strategic alliances, coordinate technologies and equipment, and quickly complete the rational allocation of resources to achieve mutual benefit, shared market, win-win coexistence and common development.
7. Common external orders. Due to the rapid development of China's mold enterprises, the level has been greatly improved, and has been favored by many countries, so many companies have gone global and opened up the international market. The South China Mould Alliance initiated by 12 auto mold companies is a good example.
8. Accelerate talent training. At present, the mold enterprises are developing rapidly, and they can buy world-class processing equipment, but they can't buy first-class mold talents. All enterprises are calling for talent shortage. Therefore, talents have become the bottleneck of mold development. Pay attention to and implement the training of mold talents. In terms of talent training, we can also establish strategic alliances, use effective resources from all over the world to combine, complement each other and jointly run classes, and accelerate the development of mold talent training.

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