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Chang'an---The town of metal plastic mould parts

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On September 14, 2005, Changan was proud of a day. Changan Town also won two awards
On September 14, 2005, Changan was proud of a day. Changan Town also won two awards: China's mechanical hardware mold accessories town, the country's first small town comprehensive development level of 1000 (ie "Qianqiang Town"). At the awarding ceremony, Dongguan Municipal Party Committee Secretary Xing Xing and Mayor Liu Zhigeng personally unveiled these two national honors; Yang Xuetong, deputy secretary general of China Machinery Industry Federation, also handed over the "Mingzhen" plaque to Chang'an Town from Beijing Yuandao. The mayor Liang Rongye was in his hands.

According to reports, Changan is not the earliest and not the only one in China's hardware, machinery and mold parts manufacturing base, but why did Changan win this award for the first time? The reason is that Changan has long since deviated from the piecemeal of daily-use hardware and plastic mold parts, and has transformed into the manufacturing base of mechanical hardware and mechanical molds, and has developed into the distribution center of the most important mechanical hardware mold products in Southwest China.